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Sun City Vacation Club – Which Antelope is Your Game Drive Spirit Animal?

Sun City Vacation Club – Which Antelope is Your Game Drive Spirit Animal?

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Holidays are nature’s opportunity to learn in classrooms without walls. Walk on the wild side at Sun City Vacation Club this autumn, and stir your entire family with a love for nature and wildlife. Do a Family Bushwalk in the beautiful Letsatsing Game Park (one of the suggested kids’ activities in our previous blog). You will find wonder in the bush and kindred spirits in four-legged companions.
For some family fun, decide which antelope is the spirit animal of each game drive companion (strangers and friends alike!)
Into the wild we go …


Sable Antelope

There is something ceremonious about this beautiful, impressive, but nevertheless bashful animal. The woman, quietly sitting at the back of the vehicle, wearing Jackie O sunglasses and an Audrey Hepburn hat, is the Sable Antelope of the Sun City Vacation Club excursion.

Since the males and females live in separate groups, the girls’ weekend away is in Sable clan spirit!


Greater Kudu

Male Kudu use some top notch curling irons! With perfectly twisted horns and an elegant mane lining their throats, these are the holiday makers who arise early in the morning to beautify themselves for the wildebeest. (Sun City Vacation Club’s rooms have all the facilities necessary).

And, as they are constantly near a water supply, the super-Mom who packs a water bottle for each member of her family is a kudu at heart.


Sun city vacation club



These muscular Gym-Giants are able to withstand arid weather and high temperatures. Keen for a game drive in the sweltering midday heat, while everyone else cools off in the Valley of the Waves? You’re a Gemsbok!



With their unpredictable natures, buffalo are fearsome creatures. This is the tourist who embraces the unexpected – the Steve Irwin of the group! Gregarious and energetic, he may occasionally need to be prevented from jumping out of the vehicle when it is ill advised!


Blue Wildebeest

These good-natured creatures graze with other animals, possessing a “you’ve got my back, I’ve got yours” mentality. Beefy, with slender legs, these gentle giants are both formidable and graceful. You’ll recognise them in the seemingly monstrous, but kind and considerate gentlemen in the group.

Plus, wildebeest calves start running with the herd, about two hours after birth. Your baby, wearing its tiny safari hat on the drive, is your little Sun City Vacation Club wildebeest!


sun city vacation club



For iconic reasons that cannot be overlooked (South African Rugby!), these people are back at the Sun City Vacation Club lodge, glued to the rugby match, sporting a Springbok jersey, and leaping at every try … making their spirit animal proud.



The Nyala’s thick coat reminds us of the friend who insists on bringing a jacket to a hot summer’s game drive … just in case she “catches a breeze.

As a secretive animal, mainly seen at night, this is also the young adult who is too busy enjoying Sun City’s vibrant night life to be of much conversational use.



The most common antelope, the impala bears the unfortunate reputation of being the fast food of national parks. Yes, this is every indistinguishable vacationer, wearing sunglasses and flip flops, and leaping with Sun City Vacation Club fever.

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